Crosshair Laser Modules

Diode Laser Concepts, Inc. offers one of the smallest diode laser Crosshair Modules of its kind. Measuring just 1.15" x 0.56" x 1.45", DLC's dual source Crosshair Module gives twice the brightness of single source units, while still qualifying as a Class II Laser Product. DLC's unique alignment of the cross hair gives the effect of coming from a single point source. Units are pre-aligned at the factory for exceptional line quality and orthogonality eliminating costly set-up time. Their internal driver circuitry utilizes automotive electronics to provide maximum surge and static protection to the laser diode.

• Surge, Static, and Reverse Polarity Protection
• Variety of Wavelengths and Fan Angles
• Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
• Dust Protective Window
• All units CDRH certified as a Class II Laser Product
• Wavelengths Available 
  375nm, 405nm, 635nm, 655nm, 670nm, 780nm, 808nm, 830nm
  *Others available upon request
Housing Sizes 
 29.21mm x 14.22mm x 36.83mm (1.15in x 0.56in x 1.45in)
Beam Profile 
Crosshair, Uniform Crosshair, Diffractive Optical Element Patterns
Output Power 
 0.97mw - 500mW
Beam Characteristics 
Crosshair: 90°, 70°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 20°,10°, 5° - Focused or Collimated
Diffractive Optical Element Patterns: Please Contact DLC
Electronics/Power Supply 
Standard CW (2 wire), Modulated TTL (3 wire), Variable Output Power (3 wire)
5VDC or 24VDC
Flying Leads, DC, M12, M8