DLC’s Standard and Mini high performance diode laser modules come in an electrically isolated hard anodized aluminum housing and feature:

- Pointing Accuracy <2mrad
- Pointing Stability <10μrad/°C
- Water and Dust Resistant
- Increased Mechanical Shock Immunity

By increasing the performance of our modules we are able to provide key advantages to the OEM customer:
- Reduced or Eliminated Fixturing/Labor Costs
- Increased Applications Requiring High Performance at Low Cost
- Fully Customizable Modules
- Excellent Product Performance Repeatability

Wavelengths Available
375nm, 405nm, 532nm, 635nm, 655nm, 670nm, 685nm, 780nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 905nm *Others available upon request

Housing Sizes
Ø9.5mm, 10mm, 12.7mm, 14.73mm Length: 25.4mm or 40mm

Beam Profile
Elliptical Spot, Round Beam, Crosshair, Line, Uniform Line, Diffractive Optical Element Patterns

Output Power
0.97mw - 500mW

Beam Characteristics
Lines/Crosshair : 90°, 70°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 20°,10°, 5° - Focused or Collimated Spots/Round Beams: Focused or Collimated

Electronics/Power Supply
Standard CW (2 wire), Modulated TTL (3 wire), Variable Output Power (3 wire) 5VDC or 24VDC

Flying Leads, DC, M12, M8