TELEOS Laser System

•  405 nm and 643 nm up to 60mW at the Fiber Output
•  Optical Stability:
   Output Power: <1% over 12 hrs.
   Temperature: <0.01°C (typical 0.002°C)
   Wavelength: <2.5x 10-3 nm/°C
   M2 Value: <1.1
•  Single Mode PM Fiber
•  Integrated Drive Electronics/Laser Enable
•  Customization Available Upon Request:
   Fiber Termination, Fiber Length and Fiber Type
   Output Power
•  Multiple Wavelengths Available From a Single Mechanical Package
•  Applications:
   Flow Cytometry
   Cell Scanning
   Confocal Microscopy

With the TELEOS laser system, Diode Laser Concepts, Inc. is redefining the industry standard for optical stability and performance. DLC's broader optical stability specification communicates the advanced electronic, thermal and mechanical stability design features incorporated into our OEM laser system. TELEOS also offers the highest output power at 643nm and 405nm, up to 60mW at the fiber output, nearly twice that of the competition. Customizable areas include the fiber type, fiber length, fiber termination, wavelength, output power and mechanical mounting. For customers needing more than 60mW or more than one wavelength, DLC offers custom TELEOS systems that incorporate multiple fiber pigtailed laser diodes into a single, compact mechanical housing.

Housing Size
40mm x 40mm x 80mm (base plate 100mm)

Housing Material
Aluminum, Anodized (Type II, Class 2 Anodization, Electrically Isolated)

Operating Voltage
643nm - 5VDC ± 1%, 405nm 8VDC ± 1%

Custom Supplied Cable

Warm Up Time
<5 minutes

Laser Enable Control Input
– Maximum Bandwidth     <5kHz
– Rise or Fall Time            >10ms
– Modulation Depth         Complete On/Off

Operating Temperature
10°C to 35°C

Storage Temperature
-10°C to 60°C (Non Condensing Environment)

Optical Platform Temperature Stability
<0.01°C (typical 0.002°C)

Wavelength Range
643nm, 405nm

Wavelength Stability
<2.5 x 10-3nm

Optical Power Range
Up to 60mW, (at the exit aperture of the fiber)

Output Power Stability Over 12 hrs.
<1% (at 25°C +/- 3°C)

M2 Value

Aspect Ratio

Spatial Mode

Polarization Ratio
Contact DLC

RMS <0.15%

Fiber Type
Single Mode or PM Single Mode

Fiber Termination
Customer Specified (connector, collimator, bare fiber, etc.)

Fiber Length
Customer Specified (typical 1m)

Laser Lifetime
>5,000 hrs at 25°C


643nm - 2 Years, 405nm - 1 Year

Higher Level Assemblies Available